Here's Hugging Hippo for letter H of the Action Alphabet. You can have this hippo hug any number of things that will fit into his arms. See how many things the hippo can hug the begin with the sound of "H". If you can't find the items, you can draw them on a sheet of paper. Also, you can cut out magazine pictures of things that begin with the sound of "h". Glue these pictures on a sheet of paper. Both the drawings and the paper with the cut outs could be rolled into a tube and then slid into the hippo's "hug".


This action alphabet activity is really easy. Just print out and cut out the hippo. Cut out the 2 extra arms and glue them to the back of the hippo's matching arms. Once that is dry, cut on the notching lines near the hippo's fingernails. Be careful....stop cutting where the line ends or you will chop off part of the hippo's arm.


To get the hippo to hug, bring the arms together and slide the notched parts of the arms into each other. Done! Now find that hippo something to hug!

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