I was cleaning out my "teaching room" at home (area 52) when I came across these behavior posters that I made long ago.  Even though they're a blast

from the past, they may be worth resurrecting. (well, maybe some of them, at least!) Isn't "what's old is new again"? Isn't it cool to re-purpose? Anyways, I

still think these are really cute and I like the way the negative aspects are attached to the non-children (animals) and the positive behaviors are related to

people. Just  thought some of you out there may be able to do something with this. It could be the "spring" board for something new in your classroom. Just

choose the ones you want; make single large posters for each behavior; change up the pictures if you like something else...or use it as is. It's a freebie and

it's yours for the taking! Do what you wish with it!



  1. Great and awesome posters. You should make a printable for them.

  2. @Fortune Cookie Mom:Thank you. I will do that!

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