Looking for a neat way to set up your classroom centers? Do you give your centers names and do you provide center directions? Are these center signs on paper and simply taped on the wall or table? You know what happens then, right? The signs fall off the wall, get peeled off the table, get lost in a pile of papers, get written on, etc...... To avoid these things from happening, I use acrylic sign holders. All I do is print out the signs (or hand write/draw them) and slip them into an acrylic holder! I like to use the free standing slanted letter-sized sign holders. But I've used the straight up free standing holders too.....especially if I have 2 centers one either side of a large table. I can put 2 signs (one for each center) inside the holder, facing outward, of course. I place the holder in the middle of the table, with the appropriate sign facing the center that goes with it. Acrylic wall sign holders work great too. However, you still have the possibility of it falling off the wall if you don't adhere it properly. 

Just thought I'd share this short post. Here's a photo of one of my signs in an acrylic holder.



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