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How about a make it yourself card with a "view"? Simple 2 page card templates can be embellished as much as you like. A little re-closable window is cut out on the cover page. Attach a fun photo of dad on the reverse side of the front cover, with a small part of the photo "peeking" through the window. Before opening the card to see a poem and sentiments, Dad must try to guess what "moment" the photo depicts. His only hint is seeing the partial photo through the window. There will be lots of remembering past times and laughter as Dad tries to guess what the photo is all about. Get this freebie with instructions, poem, and templates at

Remember the old dots and boxes paper and pencil game? There are new dots games with some modern twists just for dad. Father-focused games such as Golf Dad Dots Game, Gone Fishing Dots Game, Adventure Dad Dots Game...and much more can be found at

Dad will love these for a fathers Day gift.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing your creation.

  2. What a beautiful idea!

  3. What a beautiful idea!

  4. @Lacy: Thank you! Hope you will surprise Dad with it!

  5. @Lacy:Thanks again!

  6. @Po Tim King:My pleasure!

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