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I want to give a "shout out" to the Oswego School District and their super resource website: ( When you arrive at the main page, click on "resources" and then on "interacive games". My students think these games are the best! From my perspective as a teacher, I must say these math games have exceeded my expectations in terms of educational content, coverage of a variety of math topics, fun/interest level, affordability (free), attention to individualization, and more! Topics range from simple counting to basic operations to fractions to telling time...I could go on and on.

My favorite feature on this website is "Design Your Own Games". Using this tool, I've made computer games that focus on a number of math topics and other subject areas. The great thing was that I controlled the content so that the students' "gaming" was specific to what I wanted them to "work" on.

Talk about customization! Thank you, Oswego School District; and to everyone else--you've got to check out this site! 


  1. Even through it is for ages 9+ my four year old has been able to play on her own and has rlleay enjoyed the Zoombinis Logical Journey game. It involves thinking logically and is totally different to most of the other software available for children. I also found the game very enjoyable and a challenge at the hardest levels, my four year old plays on the easy level, my seven and six year old are at the second level. The game advances with the child. The child has to successfully complete a path of three games with all 16 zoombinis for a total of four times before the game progresses to the next level so they do not get moved up to quickly. They love making there zoombinis as they can pick the eyes hair feet and nose colour of each zoombini. Some of the puzzles are based on the zoombinis appearence, There eyes hair feet or nose help you decide the bridge/path/seating position etc and no two games are the same. Then there are the games that are not based on the zoombinis features such as deciding what toppings you put on the pizzas so that each of three characters gets the pizza it likes, which path the frogs can take based on colour or leaf shape or pattern on a leaf, which row and colomn you splash mud on that will bounce your zoombinis over the wall. There are a total of nine different games. This game is different from most I have seen in that it requires a different type of thinking. The games are quite different than the ones you find in a lot of other software. This is quite a hard game to describe. For a game that makes a child think and be observant while having fun this is one game that you should have in your childs game collection. It is also a game that will last with your child getting years of use.

  2. @Fernanda:I also used the Zoombinis Logical Journey game with my son when he was young. It's great for developing logical thinking and strategizing. On the other hand, the CCM was created to fill a void in math education today. It's great that reform math nurtures critical thinking skills; however, it ignores or discourages the memorization of basic facts and the development of a strong foundation of basic information. Memorization of the math facts is crucial in higher math computation. To sum up, I advocate BOTH learning the techniques of inquiry/strategizing as well as a concrete background in basic facts. They should both be promoted and taught for a successful math program.

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