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Remember the old "dots and squares" pencil & paper game? That was a great "pick up" game that you could do just about anywhere, anytime. It's right up there with Tic Tac Toe and Hangman. I've got a new version for you (actually, several versions) which can serve as a gift as well as a card for dads everywhere.These come in a package :
Raceway Warrior Dad Dots Game
Gone Fishing Dad Dots Game
Sports Dad Dots Game
Adventure Dad Dots Game
My Dad Dots Game
My Dad Dots Game is one for the student to create.It's a blank dots board. Kids can get creative and custiomize it for their own dad.


All games and their instructions are included. Game instructions are much like the original basic game, but with some fun new rules. Directions for both teacher/parent and students are clear and easy. 

A really sweet poem for the card is provided.

If you are interested in getting this item, you can email me at I can either send you an instant download ($2.99) or I can send it to

you as a hard copy via regular mail ($6.50, including postage). Let me know soon so you can get it before Fathers Day!


  1. I agree store bought cards are not the way to go...I still have all the cards my own children made me and they are wonderful to look back on!!

  2. @Kathy Simpson:My sentiments exactly!

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