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IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS Preparation Course

Attend the best IELTS preparation course at Language Scholastics (LASC). We'll not only help you develop the skills you need to pass your tests, but we will also prepare you for the test format. Call and enroll in your IELTS preparation course today

What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It evaluates students' English based on receptive skills and productive skills. Receptive skills include listening and reading, and productive skills include writing and speaking. There are two categories of IELTS - general and academic. The general test needs to be taken by people who are moving to the US for the purpose of PR or jobs. The academic test needs to be taken by people who are moving the US for the purpose of academic studies or any other course. Please, check which test you need to take before registering for your IELTS preparation course with LASC.

How the Tests are Structured

Listening, which is your first test, will last for 40 minutes. Reading and writing tests last for 60 minutes, and the speaking test lasts between 11 - 14 minutes. Listening, reading, and writing is going to take place on one day for a stretch. This means that, for 2 hours and 20 minutes, you won't have any break in-between your tests. On the other hand, the speaking test is going to take place either on the first day or in the span of seven days before or after, the listening, reading, and writing tests.

The Listening test has four sections in the order of difficulty. The first section is going to be the easiest, and the fourth section will be the most difficult. Please be sure that you write the answers into the question booklet. After the text is over, you'll have ten minutes to transfer the answers from the booklet to the answer sheet.

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The Reading test has three sections for both general and academic. General tests will have one or two texts, based upon which, you'll need to answer 40 questions. These are also in order of difficulty. Academic will have one long passage for each section, based upon which, you need to answer 40 questions. You need to answer directly into the answer sheet.

Writing will have two tasks. In general, you will have a letter in task one and an essay in task two. In Academic, you'll have to summarize a text, and in task two, you'll have an essay. The letter can be formal, informal, and semi-formal. In Academic, the summary will be based on an image that can be in the form of charts, graphs, or diagrams.

The Speaking test is a one-on-one interaction between the examiner and the candidate, which is recorded. Speaking has three sections:

1. Brief introduction and Short Q&A
2. Individual speaking (examiner gives you a topic to speak on)
3. Discussion (examiner asks five or six questions based on the topic given to you)

Be sure to relax and speak as precisely as you can. We look forward to seeing on at your IELTS preparation course.

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