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Montessori Math toys

Montessori Math toys

As you search for Montessori Math Toys on the Web, consider the quality of the toys you purchase to ensure they will last for many years. There are many cheap products being sold today under the name of Montessori, many of which may not last longer than a single school year. Maria Montessori had a vision in mind when creating the Montessori learning method, and part of her vision involved using learning tools, sometimes called Montessori Toys, that would last a lifetime. The first Montessori toys were made to last through a child’s first five years of education and then be passed down to a younger sibling.

How Can I Find Quality Montessori Math Toys?

Look for a reputable company name and spend some time reading reviews left by customers. It only takes a few minutes to look into a company’s reputation and find out how well they are meeting the expectations of their customers. We invite you to type Montessori To You into your chosen directory to see why we are regarded as one of the best sources for your Montessori math and reading tools. We’re a real company with a staff you can contact with your questions- we recommend avoiding companies that sell online but have no way to connect with them if you have questions.

Will I Be Able To Teach Math With Montessori?

The genius of the Montessori learning method is that parents or caregivers need no math skills whatsoever to teach their children ages 2-7 the math skills required in their early years. Many home-schooling parents fear failure- with Montessori, you simply introduce your child to the learning tools and let them explore. Teaching your child numbers by sight is extremely helpful in the early phases of Montessori learning, and it may be the only assistance they’ll need from you in the first year. Our math kit’s sandpaper numbers make it very easy for children to learn numbers by sight.

The Best Montessori Math Toys

There are many different Montessori math toys on the market today; we believe the best ones are those designed by Maria Montessori herself. We’ve created two math kits to take your child through the first five years of their home-school education relying on traditional Montessori learning that is foundational for math in the later years:

Math Kit Level One

  • Sandpaper Numbers
  • Small Number Rods
  • Spindle Box
  • Cards and Counters

Math Kit Level Two

  • The Golden Beads- Introduction to the Decimal System
  • Number Cards
  • Stamp Game

Enjoying the Early Years

Your child will spend a lifetime thanking you for introducing them to Montessori Math Toys in their first years of education. We highly recommend waiting until your child is about ten years of age before using computer software and textbooks- there are so many different hands-on methods to learning that will keep your child engaged while they continue to learn and grow. Montessori To you can give you the confidence you need to home-school your child during their formative years.

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