Montessori Prince George

Montessori Prince George

Top Reasons to Choose a School for Montessori in Prince George:

There are numerous benefits and advantages of opting for the Montessori method of learning. If you’re not familiar with Montessori or are just learning about its benefits, you’ll find there is a lot to appreciate about it. At Prince George Montessori Education Society, we champion Montessori as a means of laying foundational structure in early education that can be built upon throughout the lifetime, starting at the earliest ages. Our full day and partial day programs are geared for children ages 2 1/2 - 5 with out-of-school and summer care up to age 12.

We recommend the Montessori method of early learning for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that it encourages the child’s own curiosity. Montessori learning has shown that once the curiosity can be engaged, a child will learn to love interacting in the learning environment. Consider just a few of the developmental benefits of Montessori for your child when looking at our school for Montessori in Prince George:

Montessori focuses its attention on the key developmental stages of childhood learning. Children under the age of 5 can greatly benefit from many of the methods of honing large muscle movements and developing early language skills. Children ages 3 and 4 can begin working on fine motor skills as well.

In a typical Montessori environment, the teacher does not teach in a traditional manner, rather children work cooperatively to explore and investigate their environment in a more friendly way that tends to instill a greater sense of community. Children are better able to work out differences on their own under the overall guidance of the teacher.

All Montessori learning is child-centered, designed to meet the deeper needs of young children. As students are not discouraged to learn together with other age groups, they find it natural to do so without any encouragement. This allows younger children to learn from older ones. Mentoring happens quite naturally and inspires pride in older students.

Social development is head and shoulders above traditional methods of learning, which is one of the prime benefits of group learning.

As a curriculum that is focused primarily on hands-on learning, Montessori is one that is best-loved by children of all ages. Indeed, you’ll find teenagers and young adults who further their educations with Montessori methods being core to new tasks and methods. Our school for Montessori in Prince George is open to elementary and high school students. We empower students and their families as we follow the core principles of the Montessori philosophy. We feel we’ve created a school culture that allows everyone to feel connected, respected, cared for, safe, and happy.

You can learn more about our school by visiting us online at or by calling our staff at 250-562-6560. Feel free to click on the ‘Parent Information’ link on our home page or call us with any questions you may have regarding registration of your child in our school.

Montessori Prince George
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Montessori Prince George
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