Top Private Schools In Broward County

Top Private Schools In Broward County

Are you in search of the top private schools in Broward County? Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School comes as a highly sought-after Roman Catholic co-educational school of the Archdiocese of Miami, following the tradition of Catholic youth formation.

Private school vs. public schools

Private schools have smaller class sizes, providing students with easier access to their teachers. On the other hand, public schools have anywhere from 100 to 200 students in a single class, making it difficult for your child to schedule time with the teacher.

The tuition fee at a public school will be significantly lower than what you will pay at a private school. However, private school students have more access to financial aids and scholarships, which can offset the difference in tuition fees between the two types of institutions.

Are private school students more successful?

A new study by the University College of London's Institute of Education states that students who attend private schools have better access to top colleges and universities and enjoy better career outcomes after graduating. The study also states that privately educated children score higher grades in their A-Levels than their peers at public schools.

Private school students choose Maths, Further Maths, English Literature, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry for A-levels, which are usually the subjects that top universities favor. Students graduating from the top private schools in Broward County are certainly more successful than their public-school counterparts at getting into top colleges and graduating with better career outcomes.

Benefits of attending a Catholic High School

Catholic schools are a more appealing option for parents considering different schools for their adolescent daughter/son due to the small class sizes, Christ-centered education approach, strong academics, and moral values. Here are some of the benefits of studying at a Catholic High school:

  1. Imparts strong moral values 

High schoolers are at increased risk for various challenges during their adolescent years, such as bullying, stress, depression, teen pregnancy, cyber addiction, drinking and smoking, drug use, etc. Catholic high schools follow a more strict policy regarding discipline and decorum, helping students steer clear of these distractions throughout their studies. Through Catholic education, we equip students with strong moral values and other essential skills that any responsible and competent adult needs.

  1. High SAT scores

Statistical data suggests that students attending Catholic high schools get higher SAT scores than those who choose other types of schools. Besides, students graduating from Catholic high schools receive more scholarships, helping them pursue a rewarding college education.

  1. Lower cost than most private schools 

The average tuition rate at Catholic schools is much lower than most private schools in Broward County, making it more affordable for parents. Catholic schools are a more conducive option for international students in the US as it allows them to attend all four years of high school, unlike public schools.

We shape adolescents' exuberant minds by engaging them in religious experiences, athletic programs, social and cultural opportunities, and community service. Archbishop Edward A. McCarthy High School is one of the top private schools in Broward County with professionally certified teachers and a superior curriculum. Call us at (954) 434-8820 for more details on our admissions process.

Top Private Schools In Broward County
Archbishop McCarthy High School
Top Private Schools In Broward County
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