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Sectional or Divided Plates/Platters Help With Multiplication Concept

Do you have any of these hanging around the house? If not, they are readily available at your local dollar store(s) or discount store. These partitioned dishes (I suggest using those made of plastic) are great for demonstrating the concept of multiplication! The students really like this hands on activity.

For the activity, you will need a posting on paper (or whatever writing surface you prefer) of the statement             “ ____groups x____in each group=____ ” ;  some small manipulatives such as stones, dry beans, pennies, marbles, buttons, beads, etc. ; divided plates, dishes, or platters; something to write on.

For the 2x table, you will need a 2-section dish. For the 3x table, a 3-section dish. For the 4x table, a 4-section dish or use two 2-section dishes. For the 5x table, a 5-section dish or use a 2-section and 3-section dish. For the 6x table, a 6-section dish or use two 3-section dishes. For the 7x table, a 7-section dish or use a 3-section dish and a 4-section dish. For the 8x table, an 8 section dish or use two 4-section dishes or four 2-section dishes. For the 9x table, a 9-section dish or three 3-section dishes.

Sample activity for 8x3=24.

Let’s say you couldn’t find an 8-section dish, so you would use two 4-section dishes. Show the student the written multiplication fact 8x3=24 and the written statement,  “ ____groups x____in each group=____ ”.

Say, “This means 8 groups with 3 in each group. Let’s use these dishes and stones to prove this is true. Each section (depression, part) of these dishes is a “group or group holder”. You will fill each group holder with 3 stones, then you will count how many stones there are altogether.” This can be done with any or all of the multiplication tables.

Once the child understands this activity, you can change it a little. Depending on the multiplication table you want to work with, choose the appropriate divided plate(s). Display the statement “ ___groups x ___in each group =_____ ”. Now tell the child to fill each section with an equal (same) number of items (you tell them the number—anything from 0-9). When the child finishes filling the sections, tell them to carefully observe what was done and have them write the multiplication fact that is represented.

Just as important as memorizing the facts is "making sense" of the facts. Number sense, that is! Students should have a good understanding of what multiplication means.

It can be demonstrated as repeated adding of the same number, increasing or decreasing the proportional size of something, computing with rectangular arrays, and combining equal groups. I like to start with equal groups. To see what I mean, go to my Teachers pay Teachers store and grab some free samples! 

To transition from the "concrete" to "pictorial" phase, please check out my READ,DRAW,WRITE multiplication products for the months of November/December, February, and March/April. You can find these and many more helpful multiplication products at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Margo-Gentile

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