The image on the bottom left shows 10 crates. That leaves 2 extra for 8 students. I would suggest using these 2 empty spaces for "community" items such as scissors, markers, crayons, rulers, pencils, glue, etc.

For those of you who are THINKING about going desk-less, you could try a desk configuration shown in the photo at the top left. This gives you the look and feel of a table-like setting. Try it- if it doesn't work out, you've still got your desks!! Win-win!


  1. I love how you stack crates to create storage that is accessible and genius! Love the visuals. I'm definitely going to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Christine:Thanks for your response. If you do this and like it, could you send me a photo? You can send it to my email:

  3. I love using crates in the classroom! I don't have tables, but my desks have drawers and I took the drawers out this year because I have three classes and I was worried that the drawers would become a problem.

  4. @Amy:Thanks for your comment. Desks with drawers? I never saw that! What grade do you teach?

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