Earth Day is April 22!!! Let's get started WAY before to make our earth a better place.   What to do with our plastic waste is one main focus this year, among other issues. What do you/can you/have you done in the classroom to help this situation? Do you have a re-cycling campaign? Do you re-purpose plastic that would otherwise be tossed? I'm going to start an Earth Day Train of ideas today. Please follow and contribute an idea or more! I will add whatever I can each day. We'll start with plastic and go from there. Hope to hear from you!! Thank you, Allessandra Banchini, for sharing this! Read more after this photo....more ideas....

There's lots of other uses for plastic lids in the classroom:

*sorting various sizes

*use as circle tracers

*measuring circumference, diameter

*use an exacto knife to cut out a design, shape, number or letter, then use as a stencil for paint, pencil(drawing or writing)

*attach bells to the edges, use as a tambourine

*make into a circular frame

*have a "rolling" contest and graph the distances it rolled

I'm sure you have many more ideas...please add them to the comment section of this post. THANKS!!!!



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