Price: $4.50 : 15 pgs.  

14 pages of premade domino flashcards on cardstock. The only thing you need to do is cut them out with scissors. The flashcards look like dominoes with foldable flaps at both ends. The flaps fold over and hide the dots on the side of the domino that will be "subtracted", thus leaving whatever dots are "left over" in view. (answer/difference) Clear instructions and diagrams make this easy to use.

There are 21 colorful subtraction flashcards, differences from 12. Besides being used as flashcards, these subtraction dominoes can be used to play 2 different games. All instructions and diagrams on how to play are included.

As a bonus, I have included 2 other games-one subtraction and one addition- to be played with real dominoes.

All in all, this product provides you with 4 games and 21 subtraction domino flashcards.

Any of my hard products (single product or combination of products) that have 10-40 pages in total incur a shipping and handling fee of $2.00. For instance, if you buy one product with 24 pages and another with 16 pages, you will have 2 products with a total of 40 pages. You will be charged $2.00 for both (they will come in the same package), not $2.00 for each. This pricing applies to mailing destinations within the continental United States. I can make other mailing arrangements for those of you who need this to be mailed outside of the continental United States.

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