I found these games at Education World...I'm sure you are familiar with all or some of them. Maybe one or two will be new to you. Nevertheless, I often forget about these games which could be used as warm-ups or as "let's take a little breather". Here's a little reminder of these "lifesavers" and some variations of the originals.

"Sparkle" can also work with basic math facts. Let's say the teacher wants the students to practice the 3x table. The first child would say, "3x0=0"; next child, "3x1=3"; next child, "3x2=6"...and so on in order up to 3x9=27. The person who says the last multiplication fact (3x9=27) turns to the next person and says "sparkle". The person who this is told to must go back to their seat. The game could continue with the same multiplication table by starting over again with 3x0=0 or try another multiplication table. Another way to do this would be to skip count the multiplication fsact products in order.

This game could also be used for vocabulary categorizing and for brainstorming about different topics.




  1. I love the pass the chicken game. Thank you.

  2. @laura: Yes...it's a lot of fun!

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