Cup stacking contests are very popular these days. Have you heard of UN-stacking cups? You can do that with the Multiplication Box featured here! If you wish to see how this works, simply visit my You Tube video:     Kids love manipulatives and I've got a LOT of them! These are great for centers, independent practice, small groups, and tutoring. You can easily use the box/cups in a variety of ways. Everything the student needs to play all the "games" for multiplication tables 3x-9x is stored in the box. Each face of the box is a different game. That is, the student must match the factors multiplied together on the cup to its matching product on the box. Each "face" of the box is focused on one table only. Here's the beauty part: the game is self-checking because the product is also written inside of the cup. Here are some of the different "games" I've done with this resource. 1.Child works independently and, with the cups open end up, they match the product inside the cup to the product on the box. 2. Child works independently and does the same as previously, but covers products in skip counting order. 3. Child works independently at their own pace, cups are face down. Child matches multiplied factors on cup to product on box. 4. Child works independently. Uses timer to see how quickly he can correctly cover the products on the box. 5. More than one child. A "face" of the box (facts from a particular table)is chosen as the playing board. All of the cups that match are placed face down. Other cups are (from other times tables) are placed face down and mixed in with the other cups. ( total cups should be the number of players x turns each player will have)Players take turns trying to match a cup to the product on the board. If it doesn't match or if a mistake was made, the player must keep the cup. The winner is the person with the LEAST amount of cups! 6. Have "unstacking" contests among the students in a small-medium group. Put all of the cups from one times table in a stack. Have a student unstack them one at a time/ match to a product on the box as quickly as possible. Time this activity with a stop watch. Ask for another person to volunteer to "beat" the established record. The more the rest of the group watches, the more volunteers you will have. (they will be watching the math facts being picked up and covered and will become more confident about remembering them) Kids love "breaking the record"!

Besides kids loving games and manipulatives, I love them too! Of course, I wouldn't be making so many if I didn't! If you're as enthusiastic about this as me, perhaps you'd like to see a few of my similar products. Here they are for your viewing pleasure: ;  ; ;  ;

These are only a few! If you'd like to see more, you can go to my TpT store:


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  1. I love how hands on this activity is for fact practice! I also LOVE that you include a link to a YouTube video! I am a visual learner and this is super helpful! Thanks a million!

  2. I'll bet my students would LOVE this!

  3. @Amy:Thanks! Give it a's so easy to make.

  4. @Elena:Thank you...I try to give clear descriptions. Glad you noticed!

  5. This looks like a lot of fun for my students. Thanks!

  6. @Mary:You're very welcome. You can do the same for all math facts...addition, subtraction, division....

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