Sometimes it’s difficult for a child to follow a 100 chart. After coming to the end of a row of numbers, the child may not start the next row of numbers at its far left. To avoid this pitfall, we’ve added a “road” for the child to continue on throughout the chart. No more unwanted “detours”! The child can follow this road with finger tracing or even with a little matchbox car! It’s fun to count!

Also, notice that each row is a category of its own. The first row is all of the one’s (0-9); the second row is 10, 11, and the teens (10-19); the third row is all of the twenties (20-29); the third row is all of the thirties (30-39), and so on up to 100.

This makes it simple to count by ones and tens, as well as a system for easy number identification. All of the ones have 1 digit, the teens all begin with digit 1, the twenties all begin with digit 2, the thirties with 3, forties with 4, fifties with 5, etc.    


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