George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were such fascinating men. I learned so much while researching the both of them. Most of the information fit into a product I had been working on. I collected so much info that I couldn't fit it all in. (I was trying to keep the content for third-sixth graders). Well, it's time for sharing some of what I've learned! Every day (if you visit my blog here) you will find a different question about these past presidents. The answer for the current question will be found the following day along with the new question. From Feb. 1-19 you will see a new post about this daily. Come and play! Feel free to use the questions and graphics with your students/children. These make great task cards too!


  1. I've found that my favorite subject to teach is social studies, or history, because it is just fascinating to learn about the people that came before us! I can't wait to pick up some tidbits about these presidents from you!

  2. @Ariel Bealer: Thank you! Question 2 has been posted. Hope you return to get it!

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