I belong to a cooperative called "The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative". "Teacher Talk" is one of many marketing opportunities that this group offers. Once a month the administtrators of Teacher Talk features a member's blog post on 4 different blogs. Also, a Linky Party is arranged and members submit their blogs to that monthly. There are many talented teachers/teacher authors involved in this group and you should take a look at their submissions on these blogs and linky parties. The

whole cooperative is headed up by Victoria Leon, who started this ingenious endeavor. To learn more, go to http://www.thebestofteacherentrepreneurs.org/   or  www.CRTeacher2.com


  1. Love the recycling component of this. As teachers, we all have so many bits and pieces in the cabinets and corners of our classroom. Thank you for such detailed directions and the backgrounds!

  2. @Marcy Howe:Hope you get to use some of those bits and pieces with this project!

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