I used to dig (with a snow shovel) paths or "mazes" in the snow for our sweet cocker spaniel to go through. I placed one of her treats at the end of the

maze for her to find. Not surprisingly, the kids would have as much fun (maybe more) figuring out the maze as the dog did. While the kids ran along the

maze, our dog would run with them. This way, she got to the end with a little help from her friends. Since we're getting so much snow in the east, especially

the northeast,I was thinking of ways to get the kids to go outside and enjoy the snow on their cancelled school days. Anything to get them away from the

TV or video games!

Here's a good activity for reading, following directions, counting,practicing math facts, practicing directionality and rotation. Depending on the ages of the

children, there are many ways to do this. Different ways:

1. Make the maze yourself and let the kids loose on it to figure it out "blind". No hints, maps, or directions. After they go through the maze correctly, have

them draw a map of the maze with a line going through it showing the path to follow so someone could correctly "navigate" the maze.

2. Make the maze yourself. Write out directions on how to navigate through the maze correctly or give the children a map of the maze with the correct

route highlighted for them to follow. Give the children this information to follow as they start out at the beginning of the maze.

3. Give only some of the children the map and directions to the maze. Their job is to be the "maze makers". After these children have dug out the maze

using these instructions, the rest of the children will use the directions to navigate through the maze. What do these other children do who are waiting for

the maze to be dug out? They're making hot chocolate for everyone, of course!

Reverse everyone's jobs and make another new maze.  ***Put a "surprise" at the end of the maze to designate success!

Here's an example of a maze:

Sample Snow Maze directions based on this map: Start at the backdoor and face the back yard. Take 5 steps forward on the maze path before you. (or you can say take 3+2 steps or 5x1 steps) Stop.Make a 1/4 turn to the right. Take about 4 steps forward until you come to an intersection.(or you can say take 2+2 steps or 2x2 steps) Stop. Make a 1/4 turn left. Take 8 steps forward. (or you can say take 3+5 steps or 4x2 steps)Stop.Make 1/4 turn right. Take 10 steps forward. Stop. ......You can figure out the rest to get to the end!


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