This is a SO simple craft for anyone who can fold paper accordion-style. I used 2 sheets of large construction paper( about 12 x 18) which I later glued

together to make "fuller" fans. The theme here of course, is "I'm Your Biggest Fan" or "I'm a Fan of Yours". Position the construction paper the long way

(hot dog).The first step is to fill in the paper(s) with design. Larger images work best, since they will be "squished" into folds later on. Use lots of blocks of

color and make the images really stand out. Next, fold each paper "accordian style". Be sure you're keeping the paper the long way while folding :

  Once the papers have been folded, glue or tape them together at matching ends. Add embellishments if you like. I added gold doilies to one of my fans. Squeeze together the very bottom of the fan to make a "handle". To keep the bottom together, you can choose several options. In my case, I paper punched a hole through the bottom of the "handles" and laced a ribbon through one and tied a knot. I strung beads through the "left-over" ribbon. With the other fan, I slipped the bottom onto a small binder ring. You can secure the bottom of the fan any way you like. If you'd like to just tape or staple it together, that's fine too. You can cover this part to make it look more attractive with pretty washi tape or decorated duct tape. Cut out a small heart, write your message on it, and attach it to the bottom of the fan with ribbon. Happy Valentine's Day!  

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