Program Scope (Content):

Designed to enhance memorization of multiplication facts by associating numerals with specific colors and applying this information as prompts/color cues to the multiplication facts. Segmented into 2 components: (*’d activities are mandatory)

1. Getting to know the color code

Play games, printables, and hands-on-activities: 16 activities for making the color/numerical digit association:

  1. * student or instructor creation of color array board
  2. * student or instructor creation of colored numerical digit cards
  3. * manipulating the color array board
  4. * meet the colored numerical digits
  5. * location,location,location
  6. * order, please! Other optional activities to address different learning styles, for reinforcement, or review:
  7. colored numerical digit card riddles
  8. personalized numerical color code questions
  9. numerical digit/color rhymes
  10. printable- match color/digit
  11. verbal- “I’m thinking of a color/numeral”
  12. making numbers by the code- Spin It and Win It
  13. making numbers by the code-Shake It and Make It
  14. song-“Numerals in a Row”
  15. Secret Numbers
  16. printable-color images by number

2. Applying the color code to the multiplication facts

Play games, printables,  and hands-on-activities: 11 activities for facilitating the memorization  of multiplication facts

1-4*. instructions on how to use/make/print out:

a. colored digit multiplication flashcards

b. flashcards with color substituted for product

c. flashcards with one factor and product substituted with color

d. flashcards with all factors and products substituted with color

e. traditional black digit multiplication fact flashcards

5.* student-made flip up flashcards


Other optional activities to address different learning styles, for reinforcement, or review:

6. Color coded multiplication grid

7. Capture the Facts game

8. Product Parade

9. A Spin on the Facts game

10. Color in the Facts printables

11. Color Code Clues printables (write the multiplication facts with color cues)