CCM Partial Program Manual Parts I II 6x 7x 8x 9x - 151 pages (Paper Format)

We’ve “slimmed down” the original version of the Color Coded Multiplication program for those of you who would like to just have a “bite” of it. The very comprehensive original CCM program has been split up into 2 smaller compilations. It’s still the same quality, but a little less quantity per volume. Not only did we do this to cut down on the content size per volume, but we also did this so that we could divide the multiplication facts into 2 groups- the easier facts (2x,3x,4x) and the harder facts (6x,7x,8x,9x).

Everything is still the same. For the 2x,3x 4x collection, we pulled anything and everything that had to do with those multiplication tables from the original CCM and compiled them together into one volume. We even included the addendum pages for those tables.

We followed the same process for putting together the 6x,7x,8x,9x volume.

The idea was given to us by one of our customers. Thank you-you know who you are. 

We hope this new version serves you well.  

Price: $45.00
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