Color Coded Array Cards + Condensed CCM Part I Getting to Know the Color Code (Paper Format)

These 2 products go hand in hand. Learn the color code quickly to get the most out of the Color Coded Array Cards. Once the color code is learned, use the Color Coded Array Cards to help visualize and understand the concept of multiplication in colorful array format. The color coded cross hatch circles provide cues for multiplication fact recall and the flaps on each card enable quizzing and feedback. Arrays illustrate each multiplication fact from the 2x table (with factors 2-9) to the 9x table (with factors 2-9). Learners can “see” the commutative property of multiplication in action. By turning the card once to the right, the learner could view both array formats for the main multiplication fact and its “turnaround”.

Inside Condensed CCM Part I, Getting to Know the Color Code: 

15 pages- Our basic color code activities have been selected from the original CCM Part I Getting to Know the Color Code and compiled into a separate document to be used with the Color Coded Array Cards.  You will get all that is needed for the color array board/4 activities; colored numerical digit cards/4 activities; 3 verbal activities/riddles/guessing games;  instructions for all.


Inside the Color Coded Array Cards:

27 pages- instructions for making and using the cards; array card grid template; cross hatch circles master sheet; cross hatch circles pre-made array sheets; large view cross hatch circles sheet. A total of 36 flashcards can be made. So simple to make.  Once the kit is printed out, simply cut out what you need and glue it to the card.

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Price: $30.00
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