This activity could be used for students who have never been introduced to one another or those who have been in classes together but may not know each other very well. This is more about getting to know one's classmates rather than getting to know just their names.


Make up a list of questions or pictorial representations of questions. Each student will fill out a "personal profile".

Examples of questions:





1How do you get to school?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


2)What is your favorite flavor ice cream?___________________________________________________________________________________________________


3)What is your favorite TV program? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


4)What is your favorite movie?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


5)How have you helped someone else?____________________________________________________________________________________________________


6)What is the title of the last book you read?________________________________________________________________________________________________


7)Name the most unusual food you've ever eaten.__________________________________________________________________________________________


8)What tune can you whistle? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


9)Do you have a pet?_______________If you do, how many pets? ___________  Which is your favorite pet?__________________What is your favorite pet's name?




10)Tell us something about yourself that you don't think many people know about you.










After all of the information is collected, the teacher chooses one profile and writes the answers only(no name revealed) of that profile on the board or on the chart paper. (could use the chart provided here as a template to transfer onto large chart paper).

The teacher next chooses 3 students with their namecards to sit on chairs in front of the room, showing the namecards to the class. The profile of one of these students is the one being shown to the class.  The rest of the individuals in class take turns and ask one question per one student at the front.The students at the front answer the questions the same as what they wrote in their profiles.

The object is to match one student at the front with the profile being displayed. Students should make mental notes as to which student's answers matched the profile. Once the correct student is chosen, the teacher will write the student name with the displayed profile and have 3 other students with their namecards come to the front.Repeat the same procedure.






  1. What a fun activity!! I think it's also a great integration of writing and math skiills, too! :)

  2. Love this! So helpful for back to school!

  3. I love icebreaker activities! It is so important to get them working together and getting to know each other as soon as we can!

  4. @Jenn: Thanks! Have a wonderful new school year.

  5. @Amanda :Thank you! Have the best school year ever!

  6. @Pam Hastings:Thank you. Wishing you an enjoyable and successful school year ahead!

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