Here's a set of cards you can use to help with one/one correspondence and counting to ten. Each card has a theme and something that "goes with it" is counted while being matched(placed on/next to) to the image on the card. For example, a little car is matched with each garage. I got the miniature manipulatives at local dollar stores, craft stores, convenience stores, & supermarkets. I used a fruit magnet for the 1 dish, 2 miniature necklaces for the ladies, 3 foam baseball shapes for the bats, 4 foam frog shapes for the lily pads, 5 foam basketball shapes for the basketball hoops, 6 candy bones for the dogs, 7 miniature rattles for the babies, 8 mini cars for the garages, 9 plastic jeweled craft flowers for the plant stems, and 10 goldfish crackers for the goldfish bowls. Simply print out these cards, gather your manipulatives, and go for it!


Be sure to discuss the number on each card; count out the items pictured on each card.


Talk about which manipulative counters "go with" the pictures on the cards and choose the appropriate ones for the card you wish to do.


Finally, demonstrate counting one on one by picking up one item at a time, saying the number starting with number one, of course, and placing it on the picture it is to be matched to. Do this in counting order for each item on the card. Model counting with one card at a time. After you've demonstrated "how to", let the child do this independently.






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