How To set Up The Board:

You will need a fairly good sized portable magnetic whiteboard. mine is 11"x 17". Permanent magic markers, 2 colors. I used red and blue. A ruler, popsicle sticks, mini happy face stickers, a tool to trim the wooden popsicle sticks, strong glue (like Crazy Glue), magnetic mini circles, thin magnetic strip.

Follow the template above these directions. Note where the red and blue lines are...use the permanent markers and draw these lines (including the red broken line down the middle, the red answer space lines, and the wavy line that denotes the "BANK" spaces).  Write the "tens" and "ones" headings at the top of the board with permanent marker. Do NOT write anything else on the board with permanent marker.

Below are a couple of examples of what the board should look like. The first of the 2 is the newest version; the other is older and needs some "sprucing up".

Using dry erase marker, write the addition example on the red lines.

Pull out 6, then 8 individual circles (ones) from the "bank' at the bottom and put them into the space on the ones side. write the total amount of ones on the red line answer space in the ones column.

Next, pull out 4 tens and then 2 tens. Put them in the space below 4 + 2. Count up the number of tens and write the number on the red answer line in the tens column.

Since we can't have any more than 9 in the ones place, group 10 ones together, make that group a "ten" (put the 10 ones back in the "bank"and switch it for a ten stick. Add the ten stick to the rest of the tens on the tens side. Now there are only 4 ones left on the ones side. Change the number "14' to "4". Count all of the ten sticks and you will find that you now have "7". Change the  "6" to "7".  The answer is 74!

Oh! And before I forget, the "tens" are simply popsicle sticks with 10 mini smiley face stickers on each. I cut a small self-sticking strip magnet and adhered it to the back of each stick. It doesn't hurt to use a little "crazy glue" for extra reinforcement. You could "trim" the end of the popsicle stick if some wood is showing past the row of stickers. Each "one" is a mini round magnet with a mini smiley face sticker attached. See materials in the following photo.

Simple to make and simple to use. Have fun!


  1. I love activities that are simple and fun! Will be using and sharing this. Thank you!

  2. @Carmen:Thanks for your comment. I'm glad that this will be useful.

  3. Great TIPS!! Looks super fun. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love activities that are engaging and easy prep. Great ideas here!

  5. @Planet Doiron:Thank you...hope you visit again.

  6. @Po Tim:Thank you...please stop by again. I'm always adding something new.

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