The  is used by teachers, tutors, parents, grandparents, public schools, private schools,                            

homeschools, students, and anyone who wants to improve their rapid recall of the muliplication facts. 

Standards Compliance

After years of minimizing the value of multiplication fact memorization in math, the teaching of multiplication fact automaticity is making a comeback! The word “memorize” hasn’t been used in most math curriculums for more than a decade, but now the requirement of memorizing multiplication facts is explicitly stated in the new Common Core State Standards.

More Accuracy/Less Anxiety

OH, AND BY THE WAY…there’s other reasons for memorizing the facts! Having the multiplication facts memorized (automatic recall) streamlines the thinking process which leads to accuracy and efficiency when solving more complex math. References: Woodward, 2006; Billington, Skinner, & Cruchon, 2004; Cates & Rhymer, 2003.

Automaticity Definition

DEFINITION of Multiplication Fact AUTOMATICITY: the ability to give an accurate answer to a multiplication fact spontaneously, without pausing, counting, or adding on. The response is memorized and almost instantaneous.




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