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Do you know of a young person who seems to have reached a roadblock in elementary mathematics? Are they frustrated with math so much that they actually try to avoid it?

Did their math anxiety become really evident at about the time when they were expected to do multi-step division and multiplication, fraction work, and multi-step word problems needing multiplication or division solutions?

Not having rapid recall of basic multiplication facts can bring about these math troubles.  Don't worry.  Help is on the way!  Margo's Math and More proudly introduces our exclusive product, the Color Coded Multiplication Program (). ©2011


builds math confidence and multiplication automaticity through:

  • Our unique color code system
  • Simple and fun activities
  • Best teaching methodolgies


Remember: "Use the color code to memorize the multiplication facts...right on cue, the answer comes to you".



If a student doesn’t have a strong repertoire of foundational math skills by the beginning of 4th grade, they will progressively fall behind. If they still haven’t developed this strong background by the END of 4th grade, then they are in deep trouble!

It seems as though 4th grade has become the threshold for acquiring mastery of whole numbers and their functions.

According to test results of the NAEP (national testing of 4th,8th, and 12th grades in math), the number of students struggling in math is prevalent, especially in basic computing. For example, 4th grade scores have inched up slowly, increasing only 3 points from 2005-2011. That’s not much of a gain in 6 years.

Tom Loveless and his colleagues of the Brookings Institute did a 2002 study on the NAEP trend tests which provide insight into students’ computational abilities. These skills comprise the basic arithmetic that all fourth graders are expected to master-addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers. Half of the nation’s 9 year olds missed the multiplication and division items the last time the test was given.

Math is a cumulative subject and has to be taught in progressive steps. One of these steps is attainment of math fact automaticity. Memorized multiplication facts are a pre-requisite to many forms of higher math (fractions, long division and multiplication, pre-algebra, algebra, calculus, etc.) and should be mastered.  Many of these steps are being passed over or taught in a very limited way today.  In most cases, students are only required to memorize the 2, 5, and 10 times tables which is not enough for mastery of the multiplication facts.

So, if you know of a young person struggling in math, they are one of many. A good number of students are lacking in basic skills, especially “multi-purpose multiplication”.


Our product is NOT a rote memory system.  What makes us different from other multiplication fact memory programs is our unconventional application of color. We don’t just use color in the traditional sense for capturing attention, making our product appealing to the eye, or as an organizational tool. Color is our “secret weapon” and is used in a special way to establish automatic recall and long term memory of the multiplication facts.

Who do you want to see transformed into a “multiplication fact master” ?

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