Expository writing with the help of voiceless "how-to" videos. There seems to be a limitless supply of tutorials about a myriad of subjects on the internet. Why not use these as visual aids or writing prompts as the kids practice expository writing? The nice thing is, not only will this help them become better writers in terms of organizing, including important details, and sequencing of steps/events, but the learner will also gain information that may not have been known to them before. In this case, I am presenting you with a partial "how-to" voice-less video about making 3D snowflake spinners.( the entire video and 77 page supporting document is available at  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Crafts-for-Learning-STEAM-Snowflake-Study-2960118)  The learner is to view the whole video, write about it (step by step instructions for making the craft), and finally, make the craft. You may like to do this with my resource which includes many more activities related to snow and science, engineering, and math. OR, search the internet for a video that is either a tutorial or something else that lends itself to expository writing. 


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