Before starting this activity, I would look at/do the activity in my post called "Make Ten Sticks for Place Value Counting". This is also a freebie in my blog. Making ten sticks is very helpful if your child is just being introduced to the concept of place value. Here's the link:

If your child's understanding of place value goes beyond that, then continue on with these activities:

Have you been saving your pennies for a rainy day? How about a snowy day? What about putting those pennies to good use to learn about place value? We're talking ones, tens, hundreds.


Start off by explaining that each penny is worth 1, has the value "1", is a "one", we count pennies by "ones".


Tell that a group of ten pennies is worth 10, has a value of "10", is a "ten", and we can count each group of ten pennies by "tens".


Instead of counting each penny by 1, we can use a "short cut" and say the whole group of 10 pennies is "ten". Then, if we happen to have many groups of ten pennies, we can count each group by "tens" instead of counting each penny individually which would take much, much longer!

More practice with mixed ones and tens can be found in my TpT product, "Keep on Truckin' With Tens and Ones". Lots of fun, too! Find this at:




  1. This looks like an activity that students would enjoy and learn from.

  2. Creatively designed, carefully explained, nice visuals, and promises great results. Well done!

  3. @Coach Christopher:I really appreciate your comment. thanks!

  4. What great ways to practice Place Value! Thanks!

  5. Thank you for sharing these engaging, clear and practical suggestions. Students are going to love these activities!

    Well done, Margo, and all the best with your teaching,


    Nuala O'Hanlon,
    Teacher, Lyricist, Director,
    KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs

  6. What a unique and creative way to get kids moving and learning!

  7. @Jana McMahon:Thanks so much...we are in winter here, so we have to be creative about how our kids will get to exercise!

  8. @Nuala O'Hanlon:Thank you for your kind words. I think you are from don't get snow, right? Well, now you can have some, even if it's "fake"!

  9. @Amy Towe:Thank you...hope you get to enact the snowstorm!

  10. Love these practical, engaging suggestions!

  11. These are such great ways to make math fun! Thanks for sharing them!

  12. I am sure the students are going to love this!!

  13. @Melissa:Oh good! That's what I like to hear!

  14. @Tara: Use them in fun learning!

  15. @Susan Penley: Your kids will love them too!

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