Here is my response to the following article:I am a big believer in scaffolding. The results are marvelous! Even though your article refers to reading and language arts, scaffolding "does the job" in math as well. Remember the "developmental" way of teaching math that was so popular years ago?
Lessons were implemented in this format: concrete (usually the use of manipulatives)>pictorial(a representation in pictures/graphics)> abstract(by this time, the concept was usually understood or the proficiency of skill achieved by the student, so the "scaffolds" of manipulatives and/or pictorial information were no longer necessary.) At margosmathandmore, all products contain scaffolding or are scaffolds in themselves. For instance, our Color Coded Multiplication program uses color cues, whole/part/whole, and chunking as scaffolds. Many other types of scaffolds are used within the 28+ activities offered in this unique product.
You can go to where you will find prime scaffolded products for math and language as well.






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